Assemble the Spiral Hopper

For assistance in assembling your Spiral Hopper, refer to the following Spiral Hopper Assembly video. You can also refer to the steps below to follow along while you watch the video and assemble your Spiral Hopper.

  1. To begin assembling your Spiral Hopper, start by loosely assembling each Spiral Hoper section individually using the included hardware and Power Grip 3mm hex screwdriver Hopper tool.
    • Each Spiral Hopper section includes: (01) Spiral Hopper, (01) Center Tube, (02) Long Screws, (01) Short Screws, (03) Washers, and (03) Hopper Plugs.
    • Start at the bottom of the Spiral Hopper and work your way up until each of the screws are loosely attached to the Spiral Hopper sections. Your Short Screws will always be used on the lowest insert in the Center Tube and the Long Screws will be used for the middle and top insert.
  2. Once all of the Spiral Hopper sections are loosely assembled, begin placing them onto the Touch Trainer to fit them specifically to the Touch Trainer.
    • The bottom and middle Spiral Hopper sections are interchangeable, as they are both Standard Spiral Hopper sections, but the End Spiral Hopper section will be placed on top.
  3. Again, begin at the bottom screw of your now complete Spiral Hopper and work your way up. Tighten all of the screws as necessary to fit with the design of the Touch Trainer and other Spiral Hopper sections to ensure that there are no gaps between the three sections.
    • Gaps in your Spiral Hopper may lead to consistent ball jams.
      • For more information on ball jams, please see our Ball Jam article.
    • After adjusting your Spiral Hopper sections, you may still have small gaps between Spiral Hopper sections.
      • This is designed on purpose. The slight gaps are there to prepare for leather expansion of your TOCA Balls once they have been delivered a number of times from the Touch Trainer.
  4. It is suggested to not tighten the screws completely and to leave a slight amount of wiggle room for necessary adjustments of the Spiral Hopper sections in the future.
    • Leaving a small amount of wiggle room will also cushion the impact of the Spiral Hopper if it was to be struck by a stray shot during training.
      • For more tips and information on protecting your Spiral Hopper, please refer to the chapter Protect the Spiral Hopper in the TOCA Maintenance and Troubleshooting Manual.
  5. If you are still having issues assembling the Spiral Hopper, please contact Support at or submit a ticket by going to our support form.