Humming Noise from Touch Trainer

What to do if there is a humming noise emitting from your Touch Trainer.

  1. Start by performing a visual inspection of your TOCA Touch Trainer.
    • Ensure that there are not any missing screws from your Main Body Cover, Drive Motor Cover, or Motor Launch Brackets.
      • Missing hardware can result in the Touch Trainer vibrating and can emit a humming noise when on higher delivery speeds.
  2. Check the Motor Launch Brackets to make sure they are not loose.
    • The Motor Launch Brackets are located near the Touch Trainer's Scooter Tires that allow for transportation of the Touch Trainer. The metal brackets holding up the neon Drive Motor Cover are the Motor Launch Brackets.
    • Gently attempt to move both Motor Launch Brackets from side-to-side.
      • If either Motor Launch Bracket is loose, please contact Support at or 844.444.TOCA, and one of our Support Agents can assist you with tightening the Motor Launch Bracket.
  3. Ensure the Touch Trainer is clear of all debris.
    • Turn off the Touch Trainer using the Power Button on the back of the unit.
    • Using a dry, lint-free towel, wipe down the TOCA Touch Trainer's Main Body Cover, Spiral Hoppers, Drive Motor Cover, and Launch Wheels.
      • While the Touch Trainer is still off, ensure there is no debris caught in the Launch Wheel hubs.
  4. If the issue is still occurring, please contact Support at or 844.444.TOCA.