Power Button not Working

What to do if the Touch Trainer is not able to be turned on by pressing the Power Button on the back.

  1. Attempt to power on the Touch Trainer by pressing the power Button located on the back.
    • A green LED on the back of the Touch Trainer followed by a high-pitched chirp sound will indicate the Touch Trainer is on.
    • If the Touch Trainer is not turning on, or a red LED is illuminating, continue to step 2.
  2. Plug the Power Cord into the Power Adapter, then plug the Power Cord into a wall outlet.
    • If you normally use an extension cord, please attempt to plug it directly into the wall.
  3. Plug the Power Adapter into the Touch Trainer.
  4. Cup your hands around the Solenoid hole, and look inside to check for a blue LED light.
    • The Solenoid is the metal pin that retracts to deliver TOCA Balls.
    • A solid blue LED light means that it is charging, and a blue flashing LED light is an indicator that the Touch Trainer is fully charged.
      • If no blue LED light is inside the Solenoid hole, please attempt to plug the TOCA Charger into a different wall outlet.
  5. Leave your TOCA Touch Trainer plugged in for 2.5 hours.
    • Once plugged in for 2.5 hours, press the Power Button on the back of the Touch Trainer to turn it on while the Touch Trainer is still plugged in.
  6. If the Touch Trainer still does not turn on, please contact Support at support@tocafootball.com or 844.444.TOCA.