Ball Delivering Into the Ground

If your Touch Trainer is delivering balls into the ground, please follow the step below.

  1. Turn the Touch Trainer off by pressing the silver Power Button on the back, then turn it back on.
  2. Force close the TOCA Training app and try to connect to the Touch Trainer again.
  3. Check the ball pressure of the TOCA Balls using your Pressure Gauge to ensure that they are between 7-9 PSI.
  4. Check the Motor Launch Brackets to make sure they are not loose.
    • The Motor Launch Brackets are located near the Touch Trainer's Scooter Tires that allow for transportation of the Touch Trainer. The metal brackets holding up the neon Drive Motor Cover are the Motor Launch Brackets.
    • Gently attempt to move both Motor Launch Brackets from side-to-side.
      • If either Motor Launch Bracket is loose, please contact Support at or submit a ticket by going to our support form, and one of our Support Agents can assist you with tightening the Motor Launch Bracket.
  5. Visually inspect the Launch Wheels of your Touch Trainer.
    • Refer to the TOCA Maintenance & Troubleshooting Manual for proper stages of wear on your Launch Wheels.
    • If your Launch Wheels are experiencing a considerable amount of wear, it may be time to replace your Launch Wheels.
  6. Ensure the Touch Trainer is clear of all debris.
    • Turn off the Touch Trainer using the silver Power Button on the back.
    • Use a dry, lint-free towel to wipe down the TOCA Touch Trainer Main Body Cover, Spiral Hoppers, Drive Motor Covers, and Launch Wheels.
    • If this does not remove the debris from the Launch Wheel, carefully dispense Acetone onto a cotton or paper cloth.
      • Wipe the desired surface on the Launch Wheel with the cloth to remove it.
      • Ensure the Launch Wheels are dry prior to operating the Touch Trainer again.
        • Use carefully: Acetone will dissolve inks and will melt synthetics such as indoor soccer turf and polyester clothing. Acetone is a severe eye irritant. Acetone should be used and disposed of in a well ventilated area.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
  7. Check the battery level of your Touch Trainer.
    • When connected to the Touch Trainer in the app, the app will display a Touch Trainer icon at the top right of the screen.
    • Click on the small image of the Touch Trainer next to the "+" symbol
      • You can now see the battery level of your Touch Trainer.
  8. If the issue is still occurring, please contact Support at or submit a ticket by going to our support form.