Calibrate Your Touch Trainer

How to calibrate your Touch Trainer.

  1. Power on the Touch Trainer by pressing the silver Power Button located on the back.
    • A green LED on the back of the Touch Trainer followed by a high-pitched chirp sound will indicate the Touch Trainer is on.
  2. Select the "+" symbol in the top right corner of the screen to allow the TOCA Training app to scan for nearby Touch Trainers.
    • You can also press the dotted circle in the top right corner of the screen to scan for TOCA devices.
  3. Simply select your Touch Trainer from the list to connect to it.
    • Once you tap the Touch Trainer from the list of devices, your Touch Trainer will calibrate if it is the first time connected once turned on.
      • Please ensure there is enough room for the Touch Trainer to move and re-center itself.
  4. Once you have connected to the Touch Trainer, you will be brought back to the main "Train" page automatically.
    • If connected to the Touch Trainer correctly, a small image of a Touch Trainer will now appear next to the "+" symbol.
  5. Click on the small image of the Touch Trainer next to the "+" symbol
  6. Select "Calibrate" from the options below
    • You can also access the Touch Trainer settings by clicking the Touch Trainer image in the top right of the TOCA Training app while in the middle of a session.
      • You can calibrate the Touch Trainer from here as well.