Hardware Failure Error

What to do if you receive the Hardware Failure message in the TOCA Training app while training.

  1. Turn the Touch Trainer off by pressing the silver Power Button on the back, then turn it back on.
  2. Force close the TOCA Training app and try to connect to the Touch Trainer again.
  3. Ensure the Touch Trainer is cleared of all debris.
    • Turn the Touch Trainer off using the Power Button on the back of the unit.
    • Using a dry, lint-free towel, wipe down the TOCA Touch Trainer Main Body Cover, Spiral Hoppers, Drive Motor Cover, and Launch Wheels.
  4. Ensure the Touch Trainer is clear of any obstructions from the delivery, oscillation, or Base Plates.
  5. If the Hardware Failure message still appears, please contact Support at support@tocafootball.com or submit a ticket by going to our support form.
    • Please note to the Support Agent the Hardware Failure message that you are receiving. This will allow the Support Agent to identify the area causing the error to occur.