What is the Ideal TOCA Ball Pressure?

It is recommended to regularly check the ball pressure of your TOCA Balls to ensure a consistent delivery.

  1. Locate the ball pressure gauge that is included with the purchase of your TOCA Touch Trainer.
  2. Use a ball pump or air compressor to pump up your TOCA Balls.
    • It is recommended not to over inflate the TOCA Balls.
      • Over inflation of the TOCA Balls can increase the risk of damaging the structure of the Touch Trainer and may result in lopsided TOCA Balls.
      • This can affect the delivery of the Touch Trainer.
  3. The recommended inflation level is 8 PSI for optimal Touch Trainer delivery.
    • Check the ball pressure using your Pressure Gauge to ensure that they are at 8 PSI
    • On newer TOCA Balls, this will also be listed as the recommended ball pressure located by the inflation valve on the ball.