Worn Launch Wheels

What to do if your Launch Wheels show signs of wearing or debris.

  1. Ensure the Touch Trainer is cleared of all debris.
    • Turn off the Touch Trainer using the Power Button on the back of the unit.
    • Using a dry, lint-free towel, wipe down the TOCA Touch Trainer's Main Body Cover, Spiral Hoppers, Drive Motor Cover, and Launch Wheels.
  2. A visual inspection of the Launch Wheels on your Touch Trainer will help determine the corrective action.
    • To determine the stage of wear your Launch Wheels are in, please refer to our Maintenance and Troubleshooting Manual.
      • The three stages of Launch Wheel wear consist of new/like-new, proper wear, and needs replacing.
    • Wear of the Launch Wheels may affect the delivery of the TOCA Ball and result in a below optimal delivery.
  3. If issues persist after cleaning the debris from your Launch Wheels, please contact Support at support@tocafootball.com or submit a ticket by going to our support form.